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NEWTON ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed specifically for the wire and cable industry. It offers a range of features and functionalities that cater to the unique needs and challenges of this sector.

With NEWTON ERP, wire and cable manufacturers can efficiently manage various aspects of their business operations, including production planning, inventory management, sales and distribution, finance, procurement, and quality control. The software provides a centralized platform for seamless integration and communication between different departments, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall productivity.

One of the key highlights of NEWTON ERP is its ability to handle complex production processes involved in wire and cable manufacturing. It supports batch tracking, allowing manufacturers to trace raw materials, production lots, and finished products throughout the entire supply chain. This feature ensures better quality control, reduces waste, and enables compliance with industry regulations.

The software also offers robust inventory management capabilities, enabling accurate tracking of stock levels, managing multiple warehouses, and optimizing inventory replenishment. With real-time visibility into inventory data, wire and cable companies can make informed decisions, avoid stockouts, and minimize carrying costs.

newton erp software for wire and cable industry

Cutting, Bending and Assembling With Style

Your semi-finished goods and raw materials go through many manufacturing steps in your metalworking operations. For instance, pickling, annealing, and other processes may be used in cold rolling steel. Newton tracks the entire process history along with parameters and material properties before and after processing for any material in your plant, whether it is a strip, sheet, or product. Your manufacturing unit's conversion and processing costs will also be displayed.

Benefits of ERP software for
Wire & Cable Manufacturing Industry

  • NEWTON provided provision of capturing Attributes of Copper Aluminum Coils/Finished Goods
    (FG) for better Reporting & Controls
  • Material Yields were calculated and monitored with alerts in case of abnormalities
  • NEWTON provided end to end Coil Tracking giving complete visibility of material movement on
    the shop floor and real-time monitoring
  • Integration with Weigh Bridge/Machines, Testing Machines, shop-floor machines
  • Quality Certificate from System and BAR/QR Code Integrations
  • Handling Multiple Unit of Measurements for same item – Kgs/Meters/Numbers/Drums
  • Controls the Expenses by incorporating Budgets, Cost Centers, Costing Reports etc..

NEWTON ERP facilitates seamless collaboration with customers, suppliers, and distributors through integrated CRM and supply chain management modules. It enables efficient order processing, invoicing, and delivery tracking, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Overall, NEWTON Manufacturing ERP Software is a powerful solution tailored to the wire and cable industry’s specific requirements. By leveraging its functionalities, manufacturers can enhance operational efficiency, optimize resources, and drive sustainable growth.

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