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Integrating cutting-edge digital advances with our extensive global network to develop new logistics solutions.

Profits Are One Solution Away

Nippon’s Management and Rental Services is a machine learning-based method for automatically categorising and recommending customer assistance requests. It is a strategic campaign that primarily deals with program management and marketing planning, including target setting and rental for logistics. Establishing, planning, and monitoring the optimal maintenance strategy for the asset management organisation and rental services is our forte.

Cutting, Bending and Assembling With Style

Your semi-finished goods and raw materials go through many manufacturing steps in your metalworking operations. For instance, pickling, annealing, and other processes may be used in cold rolling steel. Newton tracks the entire process history along with parameters and material properties before and after processing for any material in your plant, whether it is a strip, sheet, or product. Your manufacturing unit's conversion and processing costs will also be displayed.

Why Newton
for Management & Rental

Through our management and rental road map, gain a thorough understanding of the current industry solutions, anticipated developments, and future directions.
  • Increasing workforce productivity.
  • Customer retention improvement to proactively parse data and deliver customer retention probability.
  • Faster problem resolution and better client service.
  • Implementing rental software such as CRM along with other features such as Electronic Trading, Dashboards and Business Intelligence, Customer Portal, Smart Alerts, etc.
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