Fast, reliable and efficient process execution


Fast, reliable and efficient process execution helps telecom management take advantage of challenging situations like changes in customer behaviours, new technologies, new competitors, competitor’s actions, promotions etc.

With a heap of personnel and technical requirements, businesses in the telecom industry need software solutions that seamlessly handle a wide variety of management tasks and pains. There’s no substitute for the level of efficiencies, cost savings, best ROI, timely technology upgrades, and long-term usability of systems designed to suit a company’s exact business, operational, and technical requirements and pain areas.

Nippon Data helps achieve that for Telecom Companies by providing software solutions that can be integrated with the industry’s back-end solutions like OSS, SMPP, SIP, IVR, and others.

Customised Software Solutions

We develop customs software and customise our software solutions and products for the telecom industry. In addition to ERP, these products include billing systems, cloud solutions, CRM systems, master data management, loyalty systems, customer self-service portals and apps, grievance management, sales and lead management, inventory management, HR and payroll, and budgets, financials, data analytics, and more.

High-Level Adaptability For Your Businesses

With Newton Business Suite, your company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of financial, human capital and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the Newton ERP application, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing business, market and industry requirements.

Newton’s ERP for the Telecommunications Sector

Newton’s custom ERP solutions for the telecom sector guarantee sophisticated process optimisation and improvement. The ERP system for this industry is more refined due to smooth technological advancements influencing audience wants and making them receptive to changes.

Newton’s CRM for the Telecommunications Sector

A user-friendly system designed by Newton specifically for the telecommunications industry, the CRM aids customer service personnel in developing distinctive and personalised customer relationships. Newton’s CRM’s strength is its capacity to simplify users’ lives.

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