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The corporate world is evolving and growing more competitive. Small and medium-sized construction firms are frequently caught up in the newest crisis, barely keeping up with expansion, and sometimes at the sacrifice of solid earnings. We understand the demands of the construction industry better than anyone else. Thus, Newton is intended for your company to handle business concerns and obstacles that your team may experience.

With Newton-Construction ERP, you have an intelligent tool in your hands to help you decrease costs, enhance productivity, and accomplish more with what you have. We are familiar with consumer dynamics and user behaviour in your sector. Our industry-specific solution integrates rules and controls with ease of installation, ensuring you the lowest cost of ownership and certainty of successful implementation.

Cutting, Bending and Assembling With Style

Your semi-finished goods and raw materials go through many manufacturing steps in your metalworking operations. For instance, pickling, annealing, and other processes may be used in cold rolling steel. Newton tracks the entire process history along with parameters and material properties before and after processing for any material in your plant, whether it is a strip, sheet, or product. Your manufacturing unit's conversion and processing costs will also be displayed.

Why Newton ERP for Construction

  • To help construction companies manage budgets, schedules, field activities, customer relationships, and the bottom line more effectively, Newton will integrate all of your business functions, including sales, estimation, compliance & permits, project accounting & management, labour, sub-contractors, and financial information in one location.
  • Depending on the significance of the site and the connectivity without losing control, you may implement the system with an option to let you link the project locations either online or offline.
  • To ensure that the project budgets and actuals are available as and when necessary at both the project and activity level, you may monitor the status of your project sites, workforce, resources, material movement, and financials, whether working from your office or travelling.
  • Automatically calculate your bids or projects’ costs based on historical pricing from BOQs, current prices, or an online schedule of rates.
  • Management of contracts and change requests.
  • Monitor the persons and locations of your geographically dispersed projects from any location and level.
  • To guarantee that your management resources are used efficiently, enforce a system’s rules and regulations.
  • Analyse project and activity costs and timelines at any level to assess the overall, immediate effects on company performance.
  • Integrate your operations and workflows across all areas, including the field, project sites, warehouses, sales offices, and the head office.
  • Manage the cost of your resources, including Man, Machine, and Manpower, at the project and activity levels to ensure cost management.
  • Effective management of subcontractors to guarantee a collaboration built on openness and trust.
  • Through the Newton integration of your project contracts & rates, BOQs, project execution, and accounting, you can quickly and precisely manage your running bills. Create activity-by-activity reports of work completed, billed, paid, and collected for each project.
  • Real-time project execution monitoring and resource management of budgets vs actuals at the project and activity level.
  • Learn from firm efforts in one location and apply that knowledge to similar initiatives and activities elsewhere.
  • Take charge of your finances and invest more in your company by taking on additional tasks.
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