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The ability to attract repeat, lucrative business and successfully manage your talented staff to exceed guests' expectations are essential components of success in the hotel industry. Costly inefficiencies may eventually lower your profitability and degrade the caliber of your guest services if your company doesn't have a strong IT foundation. Your complicated multi-company, multi-property human capital and financial management requirements demand a robust system.

Why Newton
Hospitality Solution

  • The Newton Hospitality Solution aids in streamlining company procedures, increasing customer and employee loyalty, manage finances, control material costs, and optimise human resources for hotels, resorts, catering companies, and casinos. 
  • Newton’s sector-specific solutions assist you in implementing procedures that will enhance your firm’s front and back-end performance.
  • Newton POS will assist you in installing efficient billing solutions at various locations across your property.
  • Newton POS will work with you to set up effective billing options at various points all over your property.
  • With the help of the Newton Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Asset Management, and Finance features, you can closely monitor your back-end operations and achieve management objectives like cost reduction, customer satisfaction improvement, growth management, and efficiency improvement. 
  • You can be certain that Newton fast-track deployment will result in a cheaper total cost of ownership than any alternative.
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