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Your business will thrive if you sell electronics and other consumer durables. Become more rapid. Increase profitability and efficiency.

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Whether you are an electronics company, an OEM, an OE supplier, etc., we provide you with the greatest ERP for an electronics firm. The margins in electronic products, including televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, components, assemblies, and other commodities, are decreasing daily due to the competitive climate in which you operate.

Newton ERP is the finest ERP for Manufacturing Industries

Products are becoming less expensive due to the rapid innovation in your sector. You risk losing money on your investments and margins if there is a lack of innovation or a delay in getting items to market. Your system must have an integrated supply chain in place so that you can respond more quickly to changes in demand and pricing. Newton can assist you with it.

Why Newton ERP
for Electronics & Consumer Durables

  • Newton ERP lets you see the full value chain and make quick, informed decisions.
  • Rapid ERP deployment method of your industry-specific solution will assist you in reducing implementation costs and time, as well as the burden on your already overworked staff and other resources.
  • When compared to other solutions, Newton will be operational more quickly, giving you more time to capitalize on market changes.
  • Increase your revenue and profit margins while maintaining the lowest possible TCO.
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