Engineering, Procurement & Construction

From design to construction

Utilize your resources and knowledge by digitizing proposals to earn lucrative contracts and complete projects on schedule and within budget

The Circle of Certainty

Engineering is essential for a project to be implemented successfully. By switching from isolated to integrated operations with the help of Newton EPC Business Solution, Newton's ERP Software for the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) industry may boost the qualitative capabilities for targeting large value contracts. You couldn't have made a better investment than this.

Cutting, Bending and Assembling With Style

Your semi-finished goods and raw materials go through many manufacturing steps in your metalworking operations. For instance, pickling, annealing, and other processes may be used in cold rolling steel. Newton tracks the entire process history along with parameters and material properties before and after processing for any material in your plant, whether it is a strip, sheet, or product. Your manufacturing unit's conversion and processing costs will also be displayed.

Why Newton for
Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Newton for Engineering, Procurement & Construction solutions reflects the 15 years of experience working with EPC customers and providing cutting-edge solutions to meet their demands. Nippon solutions can help you increase your competitiveness, improve the effectiveness of all business operations throughout your projects and facilities, collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and clients, monitor internal and external labour costs, manage your costly earth-moving equipment more prudently, and achieve your business goals.
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