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Building processes for your business

Building Processes For Your Business

Newton helps you streamline your real estate plans project-wise and phase-wise. It helps you to effectively define sale prices and policies, manage enquiries, and negotiate prices and sales. In addition, it assists in automating demand letters and reminders, automatic or semi-automatic interest postings, managing handovers of properties, managing customer relationships, and so on.

Break Down Processes To Build Better

  • Manage call-centre operations for sales enquiries as well as customer complaints and grievances
  • Manage and monitor enquiry/complaint status at different levels
  • Create property inventory for each project and phase. 
  • Effectively manage product pricing, price escalations or de-escalations
  • Automate the process of instalments, demand letters, reminders and cancellation notices
  • Manage your accounts receivables
  • Monitor and measure people and department’s performance
  • Generate sales commissions or broker’s pay-out details.
  • Manage property handover process with online document maintenance to ensure compliance.
  • Monitor geographically spread project sites and people from anywhere at any level.
  • Enforce policies through the system to ensure your management resources are used effectively
  • Monitor projects’ and activities’ costs and profits from any level to determine overall, real-time business performance and financial impacts
  • Manage cash flow
  • Achieve financial control

Newton’s ERP for the Real Estate Sector

Real estate firms can manage their operations with the help of Newton’s ERP software. One of the most outstanding business real estate ERP programmes is available online. Our cloud-based ERP software interacts seamlessly with your real estate firm’s financial, procurement, HR, payroll, real estate accounting management, and many other departments.

Newton’s CRM for the Real Estate Sector

Relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and financial institutions can be managed with Newton’s real estate CRM software. The real estate CRM system handles the end-to-end process management for real estate companies, from handling incoming requests to creating price quotes and selling commercial real estate to property management.

High-Level Adaptability For Your Businesses

With Newton Business Suite, your company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of financial, human capital and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the Newton ERP application, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing business, market and industry requirements.
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