Trade with confidence

The ability to find items more affordably and more effectively than competitors while controlling costs is the key to success in trading.

You might be a trading company with:

  • Purchasing and selling domestically
  • Commodity trading company International trading company functioning as Agent File GSTR-3 prepared by GST Portal based on GSTR-1 and two and other information and tax paid. 
  • The international trading company handles imports or exports or both.
  • Trading Company for a Third Country

Invest In The Future Of Humanity

As the trade industry expands internationally and clients have more options for where to purchase goods, it is crucial for you as a trading company to meet their expectations about pricing. Unfortunately, this gives you very little room to profit in most deals. An efficient system connecting your operations and assisting with cost tracking at every level may impact your order and invoice systems.

The product, quality, price, timing, and location must be perfect to facilitate trade. The ability to keep track of every action and event at different stages, from inquiry to order to delivery to payment collection, is a fundamental requirement for success in the trading industry. To keep the customer's confidence and foster a lasting relationship, you may offer extra services and commit to quality and on-time delivery.

Trading for Efficacy and Efficiency

Your issues are enormous, and they occasionally cause your business to lose money even though it is ostensibly profitable. Furthermore, you have little control over how the global currency and commodities markets affect day-to-day business contracts and transactions. Newton will assist you in finding out what you need to accomplish and maximise the value of what you already have.

Newton's integrated ERP and CRM Software features produce a complete view of your business operations, including invoice, contract, profitability, and staff productivity. This enables you to: 
  • Maintain cost sheets, product-wise and contract-wise.
  • Check cost sheets for actual versus budgeted expenditures.
  • Streamline expenditure management and cut or eliminate some costs.
  • Accounting and administration of contracts.
  • Accounting and administration of tasks
  • better use of resources
  • Control the effects of exchange and commodity rate fluctuations on your business.
  • Accounting and administration of contracts
  • Accounting and administration of tasks
  • Control the effects of exchange and commodity rate fluctuations on your business.
  • Boost service quality
  • Expand margins

Why Newton
for Trading

  • With Newton’s automated processes and our simplicity of customisation, you can develop new business information, improve business efficiency, uncover profitable service offerings, and improve financial performance.
  • Increase client retention by responding quickly, offering guidance, making scheduled deliveries, and upholding quality standards.
  • Lower inventory, effective administration of AP and AR, shorter lead times, and relationship building can help you get more return on your efforts.
  • Better administration of purchases, pricing and exchange monitoring, delivery, and financial management may reduce stress on people and resources.
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