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If you're in distribution, regardless of whether you're a manufacturer or wholesaler, you need to continuously increase your volumes and cut your costs. To sustain growth, you must have total control over your business and costs. With the ability to implement controls and corporate policies at every level, Newton will assist you in managing your numerous stock and sale points. You can monitor the movement of your material, credit limits, inventory transfers between different location points, sales returns, claims, transportation expenses, etc., anywhere.

Our extensive expertise in Distribution has helped major organisations worldwide achieve the success that otherwise would not have been easy. Many of our clients today are far superior to their contemporaries in terms of the effectiveness and capacity of their distribution businesses. With less money, they make more profit. With fewer resources, they achieve more growth and more performance.

Why Newton
for Distribution Services

  • Tracking material flows, credit restrictions, inventory transfers between locations, return claims, transportation expenditures, and so on is possible from anywhere.
  • Our significant distribution knowledge has assisted large businesses worldwide in achieving achievements that would not have been possible otherwise.
  • In terms of efficacy and capacity for their distribution operation, a few of our clients are currently well ahead of their contemporaries. By spending less, they can earn more money. With fewer resources, they achieve more tremendous growth and performance.
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