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Newton's ERP for the Consumer Market Sector

By exceeding the different customer expectations, ERP enables your business to expand sustainably and economically in an unstable environment. Newton's ERP allows manufacturers to improve flexibility in the face of quickly changing client expectations, reduce costs, and streamline procedures.

Discover the Benefits of ERP: Why Your Business Needs an Integrated System

Newton offers complete investment protection and runs on the broadest computer systems, giving users virtually limitless options.

Newton breaks down the existing barriers between people, systems, and information. As a result, it improves performance, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Newton can be tailored and customized to meet your unique computing needs. Newton’s parameter-driven design makes it simple to customize and allows for changes and improvements to meet the changing needs of a growing business while avoiding system obsolescence.

The operating system, RDBMS, and application-level security settings provide complete and extensive system access and security for Newton installations.

Newton’s flexible implementation options make the acquisition cost very affordable for any small or medium-sized business with any computing requirement.

Modules of ERP Optimize Your Business Operations with These Crucial ERP Modules

  • Bills of Materials
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Finance and Accounts Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Budget Management
  • Personnel Management

Newton's CRM for the Consumer Market Sector

We facilitate smooth customer interaction through quicker sales and attractive assistance with Newton’s CRM. Our customer service operations meet your high expectations with our CRM. In addition, We provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information and develop as we scale more solutions.

Why Newton ERP
for Metal Fabrication

  • Through efficient procurement expenditure, capacity utilisation, and resource optimisation, Newton’s ERP can help you lower expenses and increase profit margins for the steel industry.
  • You can develop your income and enhance your margins with Newton since you are assured of the lowest total cost of ownership possible when you run your business correctly.
  • Your ability to successfully manage your raw material costs and employ your available personnel and equipment resources will determine how much money you make. For the steel industry, use our ERP.

Personalize Your Customer Interactions with Our CRM Strategy

nippon data crm software companies

SMS solutions for transactional alerts, campaign management, one-time passwords, two-way messaging, and interactive SMS options.

Businesses can communicate using WhatsApp thanks to the Newton-rich media platform. The platform can send customers transactional, service, and alert messages.

Voice Solutions for Missed Calls, Voice OTP, and Outbound Dialing

A platform for transactional and promotional email

Multi-Channel Enterprise Communications Platform

For real-time targeting across Web, SMS, email, contextual push notifications, and In-App messages, use Newton, an Omni-Channel marketing automation platform.

Solution for personalized video messages

Enhancing Engagement Across Touchpoints in the Customer Journey


Lead nurturing campaigns are used to engage customers who have expressed an interest in various product categories.

  • Leads are generated through offline channels such as branches, RMs, etc.
  • Leads obtained through online channels, such as websites and lead aggregators
  • Retargeting based on website and app browsing behavior


Campaigns to engage new customers during the onboarding process

  • Welcome series
  • Special offers
  • Progressive profiling


Product adoption and share of wallet campaigns to increase across business divisions

  • Cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
  • Campaigns for the holidays/seasons
  • Birthday
  • Transactional Messages
  • Public awareness campaigns (e.g., blogs articles)
  • Customer Feedback


Reactivate a dormant or inactive customer base. Campaigns are classified by transaction history, relationship type, loyalty value, product portfolio, period of inactivity, etc.

  • A multi-stage series that includes product offerings and service benefits.
  • Feedback communication is used to determine the reasons for inactivity.

Augment Your Communication with Ongoing Email Offerings

Business Critical Messaging 

Integrate our dependable and scalable solutions with your internal application to send critical emails to customers, such as OTPs, authentication requests, etc.


Batch Email Processing Automation

Use our dependable and risk-free system to set up automated batch email processing with attachments to manage invoices, statements, reports, and other documents.


Promotional Campaigns

Schedule and send promotional or transactional email campaigns using our powerful GUI.

Revolutionize Your Customer Communication with Nippon's WhatsApp Integration

  • Notification Engine
  • Conversational Builder
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Analytics and Insight
  • Conversational Chatbots
newton crm mobile app

Revamp Your Marketing Strategy with Automated Solutions

  • Aggregate data
    Create a unified customer view by integrating all available data.
  • Identify Data
    Define an engaged target audience and use current and long-term characteristics.
  • Connect Data
    Workflows that are real-time triggered, personalized, multichannel, and based on rules.
  • Track Data
    Track conversions and KPIs for campaigns.
  • Optimize Data
    Enhance journeys based on feedback from customers by loopback

Utilize Immersive Inventory Integration to Refine Operations

Sales Integration
  • Perform Invoice OUT from CRM to ERP
  • Invoice IN from ERP to CRM
  • Outstanding Payment and Payment IN from ERP to CRM
  • Customized as per customer needs
Inventory Integration
  • Inventory IN from ERP to CRM
  • Inventory OUT from CRM to ERP
  • Custom as per Customer Requirement
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